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Would you like to give your company an European dimension? Do you believe diversity is an added value for your employees? If you do, EU mobility projects can meet your expectations!

Hosting a trainee from a foreign company can be your chance to integrate new best practices to your business…Become a catalyser of international collaboration ;) In this section you will find a set of Tools to guide and support you during all the different steps of the mobility project management. Enjoy the reading and get ready!

First impressions are important!
In the digital area possibilities are many…Video can be one of them: it is attractive, dynamic and original ;) Here you find some notes to cover essential topics of your presentation.
Breaking the Ice
Even though you will receive Europass CV and the Application Form, it is a best practice to get a closer contact with the trainee. A Skype call or just a telephone call could be a good channel to break the ice. In the Interview Guidelines we suggest you a set of questions you can make or be asked during this first informal chat.
Get ready for the trainee arrival!
Preparation tackles different fields: Inform the trainee about the hosting country and other practicalities by using the Info Pack Involve your staff in the process and help them to get prepared to receive the trainee, having a look at the Tips below It may be challenging to communicate with others when we do not speak the same language, therefore we need to find effective solutions. The Sectorial Glossary will help you to speak a common language…at least at work place ;) In the Training Programme preparation you can find some tips on how to schedule and organize the working calendar for the trainee. Please, respect the working hours and tasks agreed in the Learning Agreement!

! Remind to send all the above mentioned documents to the trainee and to sending organization at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the traineeship.

! Be curious about the trainee’s culture Learning about the trainee’s country and culture will help you to understand and appreciate diversity as well as to avoid misunderstandings… Interculturality is a both-sides process

Tips and tools to monitor and follow-up
The Memorandum is an user-friendly tool to keep track of the steps to follow during the traineeship. Print it and use it to check out your tasks! This short guide offers insights and ideas for ensuring effective monitoring and ongoing evaluation of the traineeship progress

! Tutor is a key figure in mobility projects! Selecting the appropriate profile for tutoring is a milestone for a successful traineeship ;)

To check out if you are being on the right track, Mid-Term evaluation is a very good practice to share feedbacks with the trainee. In case you need a form, use our samples for tutor and trainee’s self-evaluation.

! Share both the evaluations with the sending partner…it will really appreciate that!

Take a moment for self-reflection…
It would be useful to improve your job as hosting company! Download the questionnaire and make some time for self-assessment
How to manage conflicts efficiently
No panic if something is going wrong…conflict and problems can also be a chance to get it better :) If you don’t know how to do it, have a look at the Tips…
Capitalizing the traineeship experience
Traineeship is a springboard for entering the job market. That’s why it is extremely important to recognize officially the trainee’s job experience by issuing a Company Certificate. Find here 3 samples. Choose the one that better suits you! We recommend you accompany the certificate with a Reference Letter: it is a nice way to support the trainee in job searching. Find here instructions and a model to be
Building bridges
The EU job market doesn’t have geographical limits: trainees could be your potential professional collaborators. Keep in touch with them. With the social networks, it so easy nowadays Get inspired by our Tips.