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Are you planning your experience abroad alone or with a group? These cards are made for you! They will help you to facilitate your transferable practices’ experience.

Your teacher - trainer - attendant can help you to work on it. The creation of The Magic Gateway Cards comes to help learners during all their mobility process. They are dedicated to learners but can be useful to other actors of the mobility. Mainly, the objective of these Cards is to awake a state of consciousness connected with mobility outcomes. The seventeen cards are separated into three parts :

• Pre-departure
• During your mobility
• After the mobility

When and how to use it?

Cards are conceived to be applied to thousands of contexts so their use might be adapted to the specific circumstances. Pre-departure cards should be used before the arrival or alternatively, during the very first day of the mobility. During the mobility, cards should be used the first days after the arrival and the last part after the departure. After the mobility cards can also be introduced before the departure.


Before leaving

Welcome to the first part of the Magic Gateway game!

Here you find 6 “pre-departure” cards, you can use them either before you leave your country or during on arrival training.
If you play this game, most probably you are about to begin your first work-based learning experience abroad. Well, you are in the right place!
In fact, the cards of this section will support you in becoming more aware of what means do your internship abroad.
You will have the chance to prepare yourself for the whole experience and spot the professional skills to apply abroad (check the European Gateway Transfer page to get all the tools needed).

Moreover, you will be and encouraged to gain your fears, dare, fight for your autonomy and improve your self-esteem, and you find some useful tips helpful for adopting a proactive attitude (eg. Karma believers think that if you do sth nice to a nice person, life will give it back to you twice as a reward. So, what are you waiting for?)
Cards are a nice icebreaking, so get out from your comfort zone and play them with a person you just met, (someone from a different class or different VET institute).

There are different playing options, decide the one suits your group the most:
Option 1:
each person work on his own with all the cards
Option 2:
working in pair on each card for 5-15 m and share it with the group
Option 3:
each one working on the first card and then shares the other cards, let the students choose it, do a game to assign it. Are you Ready? Hang on one second, Before starting, make sure that your sending organization joins the European Gateway community . It is easy, they just need to register on the Community page!


During your mobility

Now it is time to get rid of books and pencils and start your internship abroad!
“During the mobility” cards should be played once you have started your traineeship abroad. The restitution of the missions accomplished can be done during the weekly monitoring or the final meeting.

Do not forget to keep track of your mobility through social media: every time you take a picture upload it straight away to have recorded your venue and the date.
You can download the DayTripper App and capture your experience, tell your story, accomplish with the Magic Gateway Challenges!
Alternatively, you can create an ad hoc Facebook, Instagram or youtube profile (different from your personal one), or use whatever mobility journal you wish.

There are different playing options for the cards, decide the one suits your group the most: Option 1: all the participants are asked to keep track of all the challenges described on the Magic gateway cards Option 2: each participant chooses one mission or assign a mission to someone else During your internship abroad, make sure that your host organization joins the European Gateway community. It is easy, they just need to register on the Community page!


After your mobility

Last but not least…. “After the mobility cards”
They should be used once back home (follow up- monitoring final event)
To tell the truth, these are crucial cards as they will give you the chance to look back to your experience and analyse what you learnt, the goals you achieved and how you and your way of living have changed. In order not to forget anything don’t wait, play them it straight after you come back in the home country and share it through the social media and with the European community.

Trust us, after this brainstorming, you will able to update your CV with useful information. Not only that, the presentation to your school, family and friends will be easier. Don’t forget to use the tools on the European Gateway Transfer page for your presentation.