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The “European Gateway” Concept

  • European framework:
    Erasmus +
  • Basic elements:
    professional practices and transfer
  • Actors:
    learners, sending/hosting organisations, mobility managers
  • Type of help: 4 Toolkits
    a method of observation and transfer of professional practices – some training courses
    - a Community to share experiences of transfer and value committed organisations

A nice European project

Training institutes involved in European programs are used to organise mobilities for apprentices and vocational trainees.

Training centers and their partners involved in European programs are used to organise mobilities for learners in vocation training and professionals. However, many of them encounter some difficulties to broaden the range of beneficiaries and to make sure all the actors involved take good advantage of this experience – which has yet proved its efficiency in meliorating employability, open-mindedness, innovation, etc.

Our project intends to make every partner, apprentice / trainee, employer / tutor, training team benefit from these mobilities. First, the professional interests of the learner and the involved sending/hosting organisations need to be considered more precisely. Then, we want to shed some light upon the encounter and sharing of professional techniques / methods between two countries happening thanks to a learning mobility experience.

In order to do so, we have conducted an innovative experimentation where the learner becomes the active vector RESPONSIBLE for the transfer of professional practices between two organisations which are therefore INVOLVED in the teaching process. The learner creates a gateway between two actors who rarely know each other.  The European Gateway platform was created to facilitate this process by providing tools, trainings and a place to share experiences and value those involved in quality mobilities.

Project's area

8 experienced partners representing 5 countries have been working together for 3 years and gathered some learners and companies for the creation and testing of the platform :

  • Italy:

  • UNISER (social cooperative encouraging the development of learning mobilities)

  • Spain:

  • PRAKTICA (company with a 15-year old experience in business-building and job-creation training)
  • ESMOVIA (company working on the management of European projects related to ERASMUS+ priorities)

  • Bulgaria:

  • FOR YOU(association organising local or international projects in order to help young people acquiring competences helping their insertion)

We intend to open the European gateway process to all the countries of the European Union.